Saturday, September 26, 2009

la isla del encanto

for my birthday i am going to puerto rico!!!!

i am so ridiculously excited. although i have been plenty of times this time is going to be way different. i've never really have gotten the touristy experience. i remember as a kid i would dread going to puerto rico because we always stayed with my grandparents and they lived out in the boonies on top of a mountain. we always went in the summer and they didn't have a/c and it was miserably hot and crazy mosquitoes! and of course my grandpa had a chicken house in the back with roosters that would wake us up waayyy too early every morning. but now how i cherish those memories and wish i appreciated them more at my young age.

but like i said this time is going to be different because i will be staying at the ritz (which definitely has a/c) with my dear friend kelly. i plan to enjoy the beautiful beaches, experience the night life and explore the island of enchantment.

this vacation is definitely much needed and 25 is a milestone so i want to get far away from the stress of my life and really enjoy my birthday. i have a feeling this one is going down in the books.

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  1. The Ritz! Fancy! I totally understand the wanting to get away from life thing. Have fun dear!!