Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend update

i had such a lovely weekend.
this weekend i...

  • visited my second home orlando. sometimes it feels more like my first home bc i've lived most of my adult life there and all my wonderful friends are there.
  • went to a bridal shower for the fabulous emily who is such a dear friend, i couldn't be more happier for her. she is the epitamy of a sweet southern girl from alabama. gosh i love her!
  • ran 4 miles, yay!
  • went to viv's going away party. she's moving to the lonestar state. so glad i was able to be there and say goodbye to an awesome friend.
  • got to spend time with my old roomie and very good friend, michelle, who i haven't seen in so long it was really making me sad. good thing we changed that!
  • had a night of girl talk and wine with aimee and sara, two of my other very dear friends.

i feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. i just wish i was able to see them whenever i wanted to. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

on my quest for gold, disney princess gold

my run today put me in such a wonderful mood. i did 3 miles today no problemo! i could've done more but i didn't want to push myself too much. i know its just 3 miles but it was such an uplifting 3 miles.
last friday i ran 2 miles and it was cake. so saturday i wanted to go for 4 but for some reason after the first half mile i was dying out. i only did 2 miles and it was the hardest 2 miles. it was so frustrating and i couldn't understand why it was so hard when the previous day it was so easy. i  just wanted to cry and give up.
thats why i am so happy about today because i see progress! my hope has been restored and i know if i push myself a little everyday i'll make it. i was also praying the whole way to the lake before i started my run and He always comes through.

when i get home after a run i just lay on my floor and stare up at the ceiling for awhile. its calming.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

live love laugh

i noticed some of my favorite words on my word wall in my classroom.

nice little reminder.

Monday, January 18, 2010

knick knack exchange

i'm joining this knick knack exchange and i'm really excited about it. there's this whole big blogging community out there and this is a great way to meet some fellow bloggers out there. it's a pretty neat idea, everyone who joins is going to get someone and they have to send their person a little knick knack that tells them a little bit about themselves along with a handwritten note. sounds fun and really who doesn't love snail mail?!

i heart headbands

i love this heart headband from it would be so cute to wear on valentine's day. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

dog park

took mr.bailers to the dog park yesterday and we took the cutest polaroid together.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

you should be green with envy

i am so excited because yesterday i bought tickets to see wicked!!!!
i have been dying to see this show and will be counting down the days until march 18th.
aaahhhh i can't contain my excitement.

Friday, January 15, 2010

kids say the darndest things

my student: i'm sitting next to my best friends (he looks at me) you're one of my best friends right ms.serrano?
me: i'm your teacher
my student: yeah and you're my best friend

:) my heart melts

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"camp annawanna, we hold you in our hearts..."

growing up in the 90's i was all about nickelodeon and one of my favorite shows was "salute your shorts". after seeing that show all i wanted to do every summer was go to a sleep-a-way camp. unfortunately for me i don't come from a very affluent family so i never went:(

which is why i will live out this dream as an adult and get paid doing it!
my friends, i will be going to pennsylvania this summer to work at a summer camp. and i won't be just any counselor, i'll be a division director and if you know me you know this is a good thing because i am much more of a leader than a follower.
to some people being with kids all day outdoors doesn't sound very fun but to me its the most exciting thing ever! i love working with kids and i get to go horseback riding, water skiing, wakeboarding, atving, camping, white water rafting, try a flying trapeze and lots more. i was amazed with all there is to do. i'll also be only 2 hours away from my good friend amie in nyc so you know where i'll be spending my days off! counting down the days till summer.

Monday, January 11, 2010

dear miami

what is this craziness i found on my car this morning?!

miami, this week you have not been living up to your reputation whatsoever. yes i remember this but i'm over it. like i said short and sweet.
forecast says we may get back up to the 80's by the end of the week.
i may start to forgive you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

freezing in florida

this is a pic of me in my winter gear when i use to work at discovery cove.
everyone always asks me if i miss it and on days like today i can say 100% without a doubt no! how would you like being soaking wet in 30 something degree weather?! it's not fun even if you have a dolphin in front of you lol.
sending warm thoughts over to my awesome former coworkers at dc.
this weather needs to hurry and warm up because us floridians can't handle this for much longer!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

on your mark

you now how one of my new year's resolution was to run a half marathon, well i'm going to be forced to try this out a lot sooner than i would like.
you see back in october i registered for the disney princess half marathon on march 6th. and it seemed like a great idea because i had been running all summer and i could do 4 miles easily and for me thats huge. this girl (me) hated running with a passion. i couldn't run down my block without needing a break. but when i lived in chicago for a few months my aunt inspired me and turned me into a lover of running. anyway it seemed like a good idea and i had all this time to train so it would be cake come march. well my birthday rolled around and so did the holidays and i did some traveling and my running was put on hold. but it was ok because i had a training schedule that started the first week of december. well december comes and i decide to do something that puts my running on hold for even longer. at this point i try and find out if i can get out of the marathon and get my money back but alas it is non-refundable, non-transferable.
so here we are today, i haven't ran in over 2 months and i have to be ready for a half marathon in 2 months. so today i decided to do a light run, mind you i'm not supposed to be exercising or working out but i figured jogging 1 mile wouldn't hurt just so i can see where i am. and where i am is kind of scary, i finished my mile without stopping but there was a lot of heavy breathing going on. there's a big part of me that is nervous as heck and thinking i won't be able to do this but there's a little part telling me maybe i can pull this off.
if you finish the marathon in a certain amount of time you get a disney princess medal and you all know how much i want that! so keep your fingers crossed for me!

state of reluctance

can't get out of bed this morning.
i can't believe its the last day of winter break already.