Monday, January 18, 2010

knick knack exchange

i'm joining this knick knack exchange and i'm really excited about it. there's this whole big blogging community out there and this is a great way to meet some fellow bloggers out there. it's a pretty neat idea, everyone who joins is going to get someone and they have to send their person a little knick knack that tells them a little bit about themselves along with a handwritten note. sounds fun and really who doesn't love snail mail?!


  1. love this exchange. i can not wait!!


  2. SOOO GLAD you joined :) and that we've met cos you're right... this blogging community is just truly amazing. i can't wait for it and to see what everyone shares as a piece of themselves.

    i'm going to visit this antique shop i discovered in my new downtown... i wish you could go with! ;)