Sunday, January 3, 2010

on your mark

you now how one of my new year's resolution was to run a half marathon, well i'm going to be forced to try this out a lot sooner than i would like.
you see back in october i registered for the disney princess half marathon on march 6th. and it seemed like a great idea because i had been running all summer and i could do 4 miles easily and for me thats huge. this girl (me) hated running with a passion. i couldn't run down my block without needing a break. but when i lived in chicago for a few months my aunt inspired me and turned me into a lover of running. anyway it seemed like a good idea and i had all this time to train so it would be cake come march. well my birthday rolled around and so did the holidays and i did some traveling and my running was put on hold. but it was ok because i had a training schedule that started the first week of december. well december comes and i decide to do something that puts my running on hold for even longer. at this point i try and find out if i can get out of the marathon and get my money back but alas it is non-refundable, non-transferable.
so here we are today, i haven't ran in over 2 months and i have to be ready for a half marathon in 2 months. so today i decided to do a light run, mind you i'm not supposed to be exercising or working out but i figured jogging 1 mile wouldn't hurt just so i can see where i am. and where i am is kind of scary, i finished my mile without stopping but there was a lot of heavy breathing going on. there's a big part of me that is nervous as heck and thinking i won't be able to do this but there's a little part telling me maybe i can pull this off.
if you finish the marathon in a certain amount of time you get a disney princess medal and you all know how much i want that! so keep your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. Liz! I didn't know you had a blog :) Good luck on the run girl. You can do it! Oh and I love that CS Lewis quote you have. It's one of my fav quotes.