Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend update

i had such a lovely weekend.
this weekend i...

  • visited my second home orlando. sometimes it feels more like my first home bc i've lived most of my adult life there and all my wonderful friends are there.
  • went to a bridal shower for the fabulous emily who is such a dear friend, i couldn't be more happier for her. she is the epitamy of a sweet southern girl from alabama. gosh i love her!
  • ran 4 miles, yay!
  • went to viv's going away party. she's moving to the lonestar state. so glad i was able to be there and say goodbye to an awesome friend.
  • got to spend time with my old roomie and very good friend, michelle, who i haven't seen in so long it was really making me sad. good thing we changed that!
  • had a night of girl talk and wine with aimee and sara, two of my other very dear friends.

i feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. i just wish i was able to see them whenever i wanted to. 


  1. Ran 4 miles?!? Whew! I used to run track in high school, but because of a knee injury, I have a hard time running to the end of my sidewalk! Good for you, I'm a little jealous!

  2. Four miles? Eek! You are my hero.

    (I got the Hello Kitty camera on Ebay)

  3. its taken me a long time to get to 4 miles, i also use to have a very hard time running to the end of my sidewalk lol.

  4. Oh I just noticed the quote by CS Lewis. One of my very favorites.