Wednesday, February 3, 2010

darn you bug!

hello blog world, so nice to be back!
i've been very sick the past few days which is why i've been slacking on the posting. last week a few of my students had been absent due to a stomach bug and on friday i thought i had done a good job of steering clear from it. saturday i felt so good i even ran 6 miles. yes 6 miles! but then that night my stomach started to feel a little funny and sunday that bug officially caught me:(
 i finally feel better today and i got back to my running(and blogging). 
now that i'm back in blogging mode i want to make a pretty blog header and katie from color me katie (who i think happens to be one of the most creative and inspiring people ever) is being so kind and letting me use one of her amazing photos.

what do you think?
now i just have to figure out how to do it:/

i also must tell you i just started reading "dear john" and i must finish before this weekend so i'll be m.i.a. again for a few days starting... now!

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