Monday, February 8, 2010

leaving so soon weekend...

this weekend went by too fast. but i guess you could say that about every weekend.
on saturday i spent the day with my mom and we did some shopping, and then we went to see "dear john". the movie was ok, but i actually prefer the book even though at first i didn't care for it much.

on sunday i set out for a seven mile run and i ended up doing an eight mile run! and it was fairly easy for me so that really gave me the confidence to think i'm going to kick butt in the half marathon. 

then at church they had former miami dolphins player, glenn blackwood, as a speaker and he was very inspirational. i love hearing people share their love for God and what He means to them.
of course i also watched the super bowl. i was cheering for the saints, so yay saints! i think its funny how when i was a cheerleader in highschool i had no idea what was going on during football games but after attending a dolphins game last year i have a new love for the game.

so now after talking about football i'm going to be a total girly girl and tell you about the cutest shoes i bought this weekend. they were a steal, regular price $100 and i got them for $23! don't you just love that.
my mom says she thinks i have way too many shoes. i say you can never have enough shoes.

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