Monday, February 22, 2010

bee mine...

i have been a terrible blogger and i think my blog feels very neglected.
my social calendar has been quite empty the past few weeks and all of a sudden everyone wants to hang out. so that is what has been keeping me away from my dear little blog.
well lets go back to valentine's day shall we?

my valentine's day was truly delightful. although i don't have a special someone in my life i was determined to not be one of those people who hates valentine's day just because they're single. there are so many other people in my life who i love and care about and who love and care about me. and i definitely felt loved and appreciated on v-day.
my students spoiled me the most.

then my dear friend, amie, left me these.
i have the best friends.


  1. aww, i actually think it's alot sweeter when you're shown some love on valentines day by someone who's not your significant other (: xo