Wednesday, April 7, 2010

here's to our heroes

wow it has been a while lovies.
i don't really have a good reason for being m.i.a., just that life has been wonderful and i've been keeping it all to myself. but now i am ready to return to the blogging world.

what really motivated me to post is a special surprise i received in the mail. if you don't know micaela from dolce vita well then you are missing out because her blog is just lovely and so is she and she has a super awesome brother.
a while back micaela asked if anyone wanted to send her brother a birthday card because he was in iraq. i jumped at the chance because those men and women are risking their lives for our country, for us, and that is the least i could do.
well today i received a package in the mail and it was from micaela's brother. i was very surprised because i wasn't expecting anything in return but this is the coolest thing ever! it's an american flag that was flown over iraq on a blackhawk! how many people have one of these?

a million thanks to ssg lechuga not only for this awesome piece of history but for what you've done and continue to do for our country.

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  1. elizabeth, i am sooo touched by your beautiful post!

    my brother was so happy with all the cards/notes from my blog friends that he told me he would send some sort of thank-you when he got the chance to each of those who took the time to write him - i had no idea that it would be to this heartfelt momentum, which truly shows how much each note meant to him. THIS, this warms my heart. Please keep my brother in your prayers (i miss him EVERY DAY) and send a note here and there so he knows that our courageous troops are never forgotten.

    love love love this.

    and thank you with all my heart! xo