Wednesday, February 10, 2010

more hours in a day please

i really do need more hours in a day when it comes to weekdays. i feel like i never have time for anything. after work i run, shower, eat dinner and then i have maybe an hour before i need to get to bed. during that hour i should be doing important stuff like studying for the gkt, working on my application for grad school, or reading my daily devotional but i'm so tired from the day that i just do nothing. then i also want extra time to do non-important things like watch tv, read my book or write a new post for my blog. right now i should actually be in bed instead of writing this but oh well.
anyone else have this problem?

in other news i finally found what i will be sending my person for the knick knack exchange! i'm so happy because i was kind of stressing out about it. i'm not the most creative person in the world so it takes awhile for things to come to me. i think i found the perfect knick knack though because it really shows a big part of me and i love it so i hope she will too.

also krissa received the book i sent  her! she was my person for the book swap.
you can read all about it in her cute blog randomness
can't wait to receive my book, i'm so curious:)

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  1. I TOTALLY understand not having enough time in the day. It must have something to do with being a teacher because I didn't feel this way so much when we were at DC. I spend hours planning and doing I don't even know what. Do you feel like you stay after school trying to get stuff done and there always seems like one more thing to do or something you just can't get to? I'll be there at like 7 PM and think...where did the day GO! I guess if the days were longer we would just cram more things into the day and still feel like there was never enough time. I too should be in bed and I'm reading blogs :) Hope you're doing well! I'm proud of you running! I wish I could get that motivated!

  2. you did an AWESOME job with krissa's book exchange! i cannnnt wait to get mine! :) i got my knick knack exchange today and it was hand made goodness! i'm waiting til my girl gets hers to post about it :) i'm sure your person will love what you've picked out!

    i love this image of time on those blocks (i wish i had those in my casa!) i have your problem too so feel less alone.

    happy valentines weekend! xoxo

  3. pamela i totally agree. i always have so much to do for school and no matter how much i do there is always something else that needs to be done! i can never sit back, relax, and think everything is done.

    micaela that is so awesome that yours was handmade. i wish i was that creative. hope you and yours have a wonderful valentines weekend!