Thursday, June 10, 2010

no more pencils, no more books

wow i sure have neglected my poor little blog. i've just had a lot on my plate these days but thankfully my plate is about to get really empty. yes sir summer vacation is 1 day away from me. my head is about to explode from excitement and happiness. this past school year has been one of the hardest years of my life but i won't get in to all the details of why the school i work at completely sucks. i just want to think about having a wonderful summer and going on a well deserved vacation in 1 day to NYC with my guy<3

but i won't lie i sure will miss my kiddos. their last day in school was yesterday and it was bittersweet. one of my little ones said "i'm going to miss you, can i hug you?" and i literally had to fight back the tears. those kids were the only thing keeping me going at that school, thank God for those kids:)
my kiddos on field day. of course they kicked butt and got 1st place!!!!!

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  1. You have a guy AND you're going to NY? Not fair.

    I'm getting suspicions about this photoshoot now. Hmmm.

    Have fun. Have a shack burger for me!