Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...

So the past 3 months I've been living in Chicago with family for a job opportunity. I have been teaching first grade and it has been an awesome experience but summer is approaching and in less than a week I'll be home in Miami!!!!

I have to admit I was getting pretty homesick but the past 3 months really did fly by. And it's very bitter sweet, although I'm super excited to get home I will miss many things here.

The top 5 things I'll miss most....
5. the change of seasons, I appreciate nature so much more now
4. the trail I run on, it started my love for running
3. H&M, I will be really sad about this one
2. my students
1. my family, they might be crazy and dysfunctional at times but I love them all so much

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