Tuesday, June 23, 2009

when in rome...

so last week my mom, sister and i got back from our trip to italy and what an amazing trip it was. i already had a passion for traveling but this trip made it 100 times stronger. there is just so much to see in this world and i want to experience as much of it as possible. i also think the more you travel the more educated you become because i definitely learned a lot on this trip.

we went to rome and venice and they were so different but equally beautiful. my favorite day was we went to the colosseum and the roman forum, so much history! but i also loved seeing all the beautiful churches, it was awesome to see what people built to honor God.

these are just some of my favorite pics.

i am also now convinced that I would like to live overseas for about six months to a year. probably spain because i really want to be fluent in spanish. hopefully i can do a semester abroad while in grad school.

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