Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy thanksgiving

i'm thankful to be spending thanksgiving with my family in chicago.

i'm thankful for such amazing parents.

i'm thankful that i'm a teacher and i get holidays off.

i'm also thankful for my students and that they told me they were thankful for me today (it was so sweet)

most of all i'm thankful that i have a relationship with my amazing savior.

tomorrow i will be celebrating thanksgiving in a house full of about 50 crazy people. i love the fact that even though we're a huge family we're all so close and would do anything for each other. sometimes i wish i lived in chicago so i can spend every holiday with my family and see them even when its not a holiday... but only sometimes because then i think about how much i love warm weather lol.
i hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and has many blessings to be thankful.

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