Monday, December 28, 2009

so long christmas, come back soon

i hope everyone had a delightful christmas because i know i sure did. i have to admit i wasn't too sure it would be enjoyable because of my current condition (which i'll divulge later) but i was pleasantly surprised.
it was very low key, christmas morning was the usual opening presents with family and then for dinner my mom cooked an amazing feast that we enjoyed with some family and friends.
i love that my family hasn't grown out of the tradition of opening presents on christmas morning. i also love that my mom still loves to spoil us. i can't wait until i can spoil her.
i woke up to this surprise next to the tree...

isn't she a beauty?! i can't wait to ride her.
i also got a new camera because ol' pinky doesn't like to open up her lens anymore.
my other favorite are these...

i have a mildly odd obsession with disney princesses and collect all things disney princess so every year my mom gets me a new disney princess ornament and this year with the help of sister i got 6:)

and this is just a cute picture of my baby on christmas morning.
i decided that next year i'm sending out christmas cards with a picture of bailey and i in santa hats. since everyone else sends pictures of their families i think it will be appropriate...
and a tad bit funny.

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